Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lesson Learned: Women don't like being compared to cars. Apparently, when I try to make an honest metaphor, I deserve to be verbally ripped apart, but when R Kelly says that his lady reminds him of his Jeep, he gets millions of dollars and tons of radio airplay. Granted, the women that R Kelly generally talks to have probably been compared to far worse things (i.e. urinals), but it's an interesting occurrence nonetheless. Despite all the mixed feelings and controversy, I'd like to take this opportunity to display some music videos devoted to women and cars.

p.s. I don't intend to offend women, R Kelly, or fans of R Kelly in any way. I am simply pondering an interesting fact of life.

p.p.s. I was going to put "Little Red Corvette" by Prince on my list of songs about cars and women, but it's not on youtube :'( ... It's a great song though. You should check it out... unless you're not into that type of thing... yeah.

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