Monday, October 26, 2009

Loveless Marraige

Yesterday, instead of working on my English paper, I was looking at clips of Everybody Loves Raymond on Youtube. Here's one of the funniest videos:

Although this video is meant to be humorous, it made me think about whether or not Frank and Marie's marriage was really loveless, and what things should be valued in a relationship. Throughout the show, Raymond's parents fight and bicker constantly, yet they have been together for over four decades (I just made this up... I don't know how long when their marriage is supposed to have taken place. I assumed that Robert and Raymond are in their forties and they were born after Frank and Marie were married). Also, despite their tumultuous relationship, Both Frank and Marie seem to take pride in their marriage and the amount of time they've been together. Situations like this beg us to ask the questions, "what is a functional relationship?" and "how can one determine whether to suck it up and live with the situation, try to work it out or simply walk away and cut their losses?" Honestly, I'm not really sure... are you?

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