Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Lately, it seems to have become fashionable for men to show their ankles. Whether you call them "highwaters", "floods", "manpris" or "cropped pants", you're basically referring to pants that end somewhere between the lower calf and the back of the knee. Personally, I enjoy feeling the wind on my ankles, and find no problem with the the style. However, others see it as a silly, useless trend. For me, the benefits of rolling up my pant legs are that I can easily change from the length of my trousers, I can avoid getting my pant-legs cought on my bike, I can avoid random scratches on my calves (I always scratch my legs up when I wear shorts), and I feel that it works well with boat shoes other similar footwear. Ultimately, I think that if it's okay for people to wear shutter shades, turquiose pants, Ugg boots and goofy scarves (hopefully not all at the same time), there's nothing wrong with cuffing my pants a little higher than usual.

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