Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Song of the moment: "Killer Wolf" -Danzig

I'm not sure whether I like Glen Danzig better in the Misfits or Danzig (I haven't really lisltened to Samhain too much so I can't comment on that). Danzig definitely has more variety and a heavy metal/blues flair, but the original Misfits has a lot of raw power and great song concepts.

p.s. Is it me, or do all Danzig videos look the same. This looks just like the video for "I'm The One"

Thing that I am currently anticipating: My advising appointment. I'm meeting with my advisor tomorrow. Once I get that done, I'll be all clear to sign up for classes when they come out.

Doodle/image of the day: I'm currently in class (chill out... it's not like the teacher is saying anything that isn't in the book) so I can't upload pictures at the moment. this smiley face will have to be good enough for now :)

Random thoughts: I've gotten so used to multitasking during classes that it I feel weird sometimes when I'm only taking notes and paying attention. Is that bad?

Last night, I was at this math review session and I was actually able to help someone with their homework! It made me feel really smart.

It is really hard doing facebook graffiti (or using M.S. Paint) with a laptop touchpad thing. Mice are much better for detailed jobs like that.

I am pretty thirsty. What if I dropped dead from dehydration on my way back to my room? That would suck. I would probably donate my organs t whoever needs them... and a cannibal could have the rest of me.

My teacher is talking about Mao (not that Mao)... but it reminded me of Meow Mix

Did that last thought make any sense? If not, you should click on the links... it still might not make sense.

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