Friday, October 16, 2009

Song of the moment: "Some Cow Fonque (More Tea, Vicar?)" -Buckshot LeFonque

I know this song from the Men In Black soundtrack, but Buckshot LeFonque seems like a pretty cool group. There isn't much info online about them, but they seem like they're worth checking out.

Thing that I am currently anticipating: I'm not really sure... at the moment, I'm content. I'm perfectly happy with embracing the now.

Doodle/image of the day:
I had a math quiz today, and most of the questions were about material that wasn't in the homework or test review. We covered this material briefly last week, but I spent very little time studying it, and still do not completely understand it. Needless to say, I did not do very well on the quiz. This image reflects my feelings on the issue.

Random thoughts: currently, the weather in Tempe is hovering around 100 degrees. because of this, I dressed accordingly in "manpris" (if you don't get it, click on the link) and a t-shirt. However, on my way to class this morning, I saw people in outfits ranging from shorts and tank-tops to ugg boots, jackets and winter hats. When I asked my friends about this, they said that people in Arizona try to wear jackets any chance they get becuase there aren't enough truly cold days to justify only wearing winter wear when necessary. That's weird.

My legs hurt

I know I already ranted about Arizona's irrigation issues in an earlier post, but today I saw a guy spraying a hose at an already muddy patch of grass for at least ten minutes... that's ridiculous!

In a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, the actual cup part is chocolate. Maybe, it should be called "Reese's Chocolate Cup that Is Filled With A Strange, Oddly-Textured, Peanut Butter-Like Substance". I think it's kind of Catchy.

Despite the strange peanut butter, I actually really enjoy Reese's Cups... but I don't want one right now... I think I'm dehydrated.

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