Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yesterday, I made a freaking pizza!!!! it was probably the coolest thing ever. It had pepperoni, pineapple, basil, Cajun seasoning and Cheyenne pepper. I should get my own show on TLC; it would be like Cake Boss, but I could make pizza's instead of cakes... actually, on second thought, maybe I should have my show on Food Network. the show's on TLC always have a lot of fighting and drama (Jon and Kate plus 8, American Chopper, Miami Ink, LA Ink, etc...). On Food Network, they would cater to my needs as a gourmet pizza chef.

Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc is a multi-talented musician with a lot to offer. Although many may know him from his new single, "I Need a Dollar", Blacc is actually a veteran in the music industry with a lot of work under his belt. He got his start in 1995 as a rapper in the group Emanon. Since then, he has expanded his skill set to include singing, guitar and piano. With his newest release Blacc evokes memories of Marvin Gaye in both style and content. However, the relevance and sincerity in his lyrics and delivery make his songs unmistakably unique and genuine.

Here are a few examples of Aloe Blacc's talented work as a rapper, instrumentalist and vocalist:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Food

Usually, my diet consists mainly of sandwiches and canned soup because I have little interest/talent in cooking (perhaps I'll expand on that in a later post), but my mom became super awesome (who am I kidding? she's always been super awesome; she's actually super duper awesome now) all of a sudden and started cooking/ baking all types of delicious stuff. Being that I'm the only other person in the house, I've been the main beneficiary of all manner of edible heaven... here are a couple examples:

Freshly baked blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream... yum.

The pie before... I ate it

Scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee cake = best breakfast ever!!!!