Friday, August 13, 2010

Wendy's, you disappoint me

Usually, I'm a fan of Wendy's. As far as restaurants with drive-thru windows go, they have pretty good food and most of the menu items don't leave me feeling like I owe my arteries an apology. With this in mind, I happily went to the local Wendy's for an evening meal on Tuesday. Since I was in an adventurous (and impulsive) mood, I decided to order the Sweet & Spicy Asian Boneless Wings. In the picture, they looked so saucy and juicy that I couldn't resist. The voice in my head (the metaphorical one... I'm not crazy) told me that I should order the regular 10 piece nuggets because they offered more food for the same price, but tantalizing advertisement and my curiosity about what "Asian" tasted like (seriously, Asia is the biggest continent in the world and I really wanted to know how they could condense all the different tastes and flavors from such a vast area into a sauce that goes on chicken) eventually overpowered my common sense. Anyway, I eventually placed my order and stood contently until I saw the man in the back prepare my food. To my horror, the Sweet & Spicy Asian Boneless Wings were not 100% white meat morsels of goodness that had been thoroughly lathered in a thick coating of "Asian", but instead were slightly deformed chicken nuggets with several squirts of orange-colored sauce on top. When I got home, my fears were verified; the "wings" were actually crusty chicken nuggets with a thin layer of sauce on top. Unlike the advertisement, the sauce did not coat the entire nugget, leaving many portions of breaded chicken naked and exposed to the world. Worst of all, the highly anticipated "Asian" sauce tasted like duck sauce with garlic and hot peppers mixed in. Although that may be sufficient for some cheapo Chinese buffet place in the middle of nowhere, it was far from satisfactory for a nationwide restaurant with a reputation of deliciousness (and square hamburgers). In conclusion, I would like to give Wendy's' Sweet & Spicy Asian Boneless Wings my "Mega FAIL stamp of disapproval". Shame on you Wendy's for false advertising and abusing my blind and unconditional trust in your products. :(

Also, in case you don't believe me, here are the pictures to prove it:

The first picture is the Wendy's advertisement and the second picture is the actual product.

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