Sunday, July 31, 2011

Freestyle Rhymes

Today, I had a freestyle rap battle with my cousin. As you can probably tell, we don't do this very often. Here are some highlights:

"I'll make you take a bath in hot acid. My style goes hard, your style is flaccid"

"my rhymes build up like blocks of Legos, and I'll eat your crew like 20 boxes of eggos"

"I'm like the Egyptian God Horus, but I'm not dead so my skin is more porous"

"your rhymes are sneaky, you look like rafiki in a dashiki eating tatziki on your gyro"

"I be so good, I be in the ocean with my Jordans on, I be so good I have my girls cry because they think I'm gone"

"I stay winnin', I'm like three women who went swimmin'"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Dream

This dream was kind of confusing so the description won't be as detailed as the last one. Basically, I dreamed that a friend from high school and I had to do a project that involved cataloging Misfits
(Danzig era) songs. Also, my friend had a bunch of grilled pineapple and apricot on skewers, which she shared with me. It was very strange and confusing, but I think it was a good dream.

Monday, July 25, 2011

French athletes like to headbutt

I was catching up on some racing news at and I spied an article with a link to this video:

Apparently, after the 1500m, two French runners got in some sort of altercation. Before the fight devolved into wild arm-flailing and shirt-grabbing, one of the guys decided to lunge his noggin at his teammate. This reminded me of another French athlete's signature move....

coincidence? I think not.

Also, Is Dennis Rodman secretly French? You be the judge:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Carts of Darkness

"Every time that you put effort into work and you're making a little bit of money, you better have a very good plan of what you're going to do with that money because you're using up your life"

Basically, you shouldn't work out of greed and lust for money. Instead, you should work as a means to finance your specific goals and desires. Unless you are truly passionate about your work, the real substance of your life exists outside of the office and off the clock. Make this aspect of your life your first and highest priority.

The quote is from the documentary film, Carts of Darkness. It's advertised as (e.g. I interpreted the summary as) an inside look at extreme grocery cart riding in Vancouver. Although much of the film centers around this activity, it's really focuses on the lives of several can collectors and the relationship that develops between them and the author. Although it's more personal and less focused than most documentaries, it was deeply moving and insightful.

Here's a link so you can check it out for yourself: Carts of Darkness

p.s. even if you don't watch the movie, you should think about the quote. I agree with the overall message, but that's just my opinion. Do you think that this type of attitude should be encouraged? Do you think that western society is conducive or unconducive to this type of attitude?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Stuff

I was going to title this post 'changes', but that made me think of the Tupac song. Also, I think 'New Stuff' better explains the information in this post (except for this random tangent that I'm starting with). Anyway, I just wanted to inform you of some new things that I added to my blog:
1. StumbleUpon button: There's a button next to every post. If you like the post, find it interesting, or just want StumbleUpon users share the torture you've just experienced, you can click the button and suggest the post on StumbleUpon.

2. Random Posts: Do you see the words, 'Random Posts', on the left-hand side of the page? Underneath them are several links to random posts from my blog. I was going make some witty comment about procrastination or something here, but I can't think of anything.

3. My Blog List: Also on the left-hand side of the page is a list of blogs that I like. This has always been there, but I've made some updates. Before, most of the blogs on the list were about fashion, and vintage clothing. That stuff is cool and all, but it's good to have some variety.

So... that's the new stuff on my blog.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Thoughts

Why do people obsess over finding the closest parking spot to the store if they're just going to walk around for hours once they get inside?

I was going to have a bowl of ice cream for dessert, but I decided not to because I didn't feel like washing the bowl, spoon and ice cream scooper. My laziness is starting to interfere with my happiness :(

Lil B should do a guest spot on the Food Network. He could be a judge on Chopped or something like that. That would be too swag for words. Seriously, what would it take to make that happen? Can someone start a facebook group or something?

What's the difference between the wheelchair shawty and the cat daddy? They look like the same dance to me.

I don't think I can hold a serious grudge. I can get mad for little spurts, but I'm not sure if I'm capable of lingering, deep-seated anger. So... to anyone who has wronged me in the past, in the words of Tupac, "I ain't mad at cha" (at least not anymore).

Speaking of "I Ain't Mad at Cha", the guy in that video (not Tupac... the other guy) always makes me think of Jason's Lyric. I haven't seen that movie in a while, but I remember it being good, but really sad. I have to watch it again soon... when I'm not sad.

Did you know that in Super Smash Bros (N64), Nes can reflect stuff with his bat? I read it on the internet and I tried it out. Watch out, Fox. I'm coming for you! (if I ever get good at using Nes)

Friday, July 15, 2011

3 reasons to watch the Tour de France

Before this year, I never payed too much attention to the Tour de France. To me, it was just some bike race that was always on Versus during the summer. However, during the last few weeks, I've really gotten into it and have found it very interesting to watch. If my vague testimonial isn't enough to convince you to watch the Tour de France, maybe one of these three reasons will do the trick:

1. It's on all day, every day
this is a slight exaggeration, but each stage is on tv for about two-and-a-half hours. This is pretty comparable to any other sporting event except for the fact that the tour doesn't have half-time. Also, because there are twenty-one stages, that's a solid three weeks of action. If you're looking for something to fill the void of summer boredom, spending 2-3 hours a day for three weeks watching the tour is a great option.

2. Crashes
People watch NASCAR for wrecks, NHL for fights, and boxing/UFC stuff for knock-outs. These certainly aren't the only reasons that people watch these sports, but they can't be ignored or discounted. Similarly, crashes are an ever-present threat and attraction of the Tour de France. While I hope and pray that all the participants in the tour finish safely and crash free, if a massive pileup occurs or a rider takes a wide turn and ends up flipping over his handlebars, I can't say that I'll look away... and I'll probably watch the replay.

3. There's no other sports on
the NFL, NBA and NHL seasons are over (hopefully the NFL and NBA come back next season) so baseball, golf and tennis are the only other sports to watch. If these three sports leave you feeling unsatisfied, maybe you need some Tour de France in your life.

If none of these reasons can convince you, you're probably doing something else meaningful with your summer. For the rest of you people, make sure to check out the Tour de France... it's not like you have anything better to do.

p.s. Lance Armstrong is not racing this year so stop asking about him.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cool Covers vol.1

I don't usually enjoy cover songs, but every once in a while, I find one that catches my attention. Since I'm a rather generous fellow (that's debatable), I figured I'd share some of these covers with you (not a creepy, personal 'you'... more like the collective, internet-as-a-whole version of 'you') on a weekly basis. So, without further ado, I present Cool Covers vol. 1:



stuff I drew