Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Stuff

I was going to title this post 'changes', but that made me think of the Tupac song. Also, I think 'New Stuff' better explains the information in this post (except for this random tangent that I'm starting with). Anyway, I just wanted to inform you of some new things that I added to my blog:
1. StumbleUpon button: There's a button next to every post. If you like the post, find it interesting, or just want StumbleUpon users share the torture you've just experienced, you can click the button and suggest the post on StumbleUpon.

2. Random Posts: Do you see the words, 'Random Posts', on the left-hand side of the page? Underneath them are several links to random posts from my blog. I was going make some witty comment about procrastination or something here, but I can't think of anything.

3. My Blog List: Also on the left-hand side of the page is a list of blogs that I like. This has always been there, but I've made some updates. Before, most of the blogs on the list were about fashion, and vintage clothing. That stuff is cool and all, but it's good to have some variety.

So... that's the new stuff on my blog.

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