Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some Thoughts

Somebody ate all the chocolate, but left the other two flavors in the neapolitan ice cream. What's up with that? Each flavor adds something to the ice cream. If one component is removed, it throws off the balance. If you just wanted chocolate, why didn't you just buy some chocolate ice cream instead of screwing up the neapolitan?

I am three hours early to the airport because I thought the flight was leaving at a different time.... it's 6:19am. My bad

I brought way more pairs of socks in may than I do now in August. Where did they all go?

Shoes are definitely the most troublesome item to pack. Why are my feet so big? Babies have it easy in this regard... but then again, babies don't have to pack.

Everybody's giving me creepy looks at the airport.

The other day, I had to go to the doctor (nothing serious, just wondering why I had a sore throat and stuff. It's allergies) so I biked there. It's sunny and fine out on the way there, but when I leave the office after the appointment, the sky is black and there's hardcore perfect storm-ass monsoon rain coming down. After waiting about a minute to see if the storm is going to pass, I decide to just go for it and bike through the storm. Bad idea. The storm gets even worse and it starts hailing. To make a long story short, I got completely drenched in the storm. My shoes, pants, shirt, wallet, and phone are all soaked. Also, my jeans shrunk from the rain and they got really tight. My phone miraculously recovered, but my shoes are gross now. Moral of the story: Michigan weather sucks.

I lost my comb on the way to the barber shop. That's the third one this summer.

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