Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Thoughts

Some people that I've talked to aren't aware that a dollar sign is just a 'S' with a line through it. If my name was Steve and I wrote it as "$teve', they would be legitimately confused.

The other day, I made a smoothie with sparkling grape juice, vanilla Greek yogurt, blueberries, and applesauce. It was really really really really good.

Crossword puzzles are easy to start, but difficult to finish.

I just watched a clip of the ending to Training Day on youtube. Now, I really want to yell, "I run $&#@ here. You just live here" to my roommate... currently, I don't have a roommate though. Also, I can't think of an appropriate context.

I need a new hobby. I was playing Super Smash Bros, but I no longer have television. Pokemon? Bonsai? Scrimshaw? What's something fun that I can do alone? ... Actually, I guess that rules out pokemon. Don't you need friends to play against?

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