Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Textbooks Suck

This is how my Religion in America textbook started the chapter for today:

In "Rip Van Winkle," Washington Irving's 1819 short story, Rip awakens from a twenty-year sleep to find himself a stranger to almost everything he had known. The story contains nothing about religion. but if it did, and if Rip had slept ninety years starting in 1680, his astonishment would have been even greater.

I understand that they want to emphasize how much religion in America changed between 1680 and 1770, but was this really the best way to do it? It's like saying, "if Ashton Kutcher was black and born in 1937, he would be like Bill Cosby". Sure, they're both actors, but adding that many conditions makes the comparison a little absurd. Does anyone else think that this sentence is ridiculous, or am I just overreacting? I did watch season eight of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" last week. Maybe it's rubbing off on me.

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