Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some Thoughts

This is a quote from Wikipedia: "'Scarlet Begonias' is a song by the Grateful Dead in 4/4 time". really? Is it necessary to specify that the song is in the most common time signature ever? I could understand if it had a weird structure (like the Terminator theme), but 4/4 is nothing special.

If I go to class without paper and a pen to doodle, I get really bored

PB&J on a slightly stale sandwich roll is disgusting. Never ever try it.

I saw this girl on campus Tuesday and, for some strange reason, the fact that she didn't have a smart phone made her more attractive. Maybe it's just sexy to know that we have something in common... at least until one of us gets a new phone.

I just saw this on Urban Dictionary. WTF? I don't have poor self esteem (do I?). Then again, I think I finally moved up to 5'6.5" so maybe that makes all the difference.

Captain Beyond is the coolest band name ever. Whoever came up with that name should win a medal or something. Their music is pretty good too.

I've noticed that I tend to gravitate towards other awkward people at social gatherings

I kind of want to try being vegetarian. But I love meat sooooooooooooo much (pause), and I'm kind of picky about vegetables... so I guess I don't really want to be a vegetarian.

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