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Since Cleveland's defeat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals the other day, the main topic of discussion in the sports world has been where Lebron's playing next year. Although there are numerous available options at the moment, I thought I'd give you my breakdown of five of the most likely teams: New York, Chicago, Miami, New Jersey and Cleveland.

New York:
As much as I love the legacy of Knicks with John Starks and Patrick Ewing bringing the pain to opponents and Spike Lee's courtside antics at the Garden, I think Lebron going to the New York would represent a lot of what's wrong with the NBA today. I have a problem with the idea of a struggling, power-hungry, large market team snatching up frustrated free agents from around the league. Maybe I'm old fashioned, I'd rather see a team rebuild by developing draft pics and making smart trades and adjustments when needed. That being said, I can't really fault the Knicks too much for this approach because it's been proven to work in Boston (remember when the sucky Celtics grabbed Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and then won a championship?) and a Knicks team with Lebron and Bosh could be the right mix for a similar title run. And, if the crowd at game six has any say in the matter, Lebron's decision may be made already.

while the fans are chanting New York, most of the sports analysts seem to think Chicago is a better fit for James. This makes sense because it's a storied franchise that has seen success in the last few years, but still needs a little something extra to get them over the hump. Furthermore, the Bulls seem to have a fire and enthusiasm that was evidently lacking from the Cavaliers in this year's playoffs. the extra energy and hustle could be just what Lebron needs to rejuvenate his quest for a ring. Also, Chicago hasn't locked down a coaching situation yet so James may have an opportunity to give some input in that regard. Despite all these pros, I still have one major objection to Lebron in Chicago: do the Bulls really deserve another number 23? throughout the 1990's, he who shall not be named terrorized the NBA. This bald-headed, tongue-showing, Gatorade-drinking freak of nature waltzed into the league and took six championships away from some of the greatest men to ever play the game. If "The Chosen One" really decides to be a Bull, It could be a long time before we see anyone other than him winning titles. So... Don't do it, Lebron!! What about my feelings? It isn't fair!!!

Although it might be a long shot, I think Miami presents a rather enticing opportunity. With D-Wade showing signs that he intends to stay where he is, it seems plausible that Lebron would want to join him. Having two players of that caliber on the same team would really be something to see and, unlike Cleveland, Miami has attractions other than its basketball team (the beaches, the food, the Cuban women... what's not to love?). Still, managing two superstar egos could be difficult (remember Shaq and Kobe, Mcnabb and T.O., Jay-Z and Dame Dash?... it doesn't work). Another thing to remember is that, besides Wade, Miami is a mediocre team. That could put Lebron back in the same type of situation he had in Cleveland.

New Jersey:
Honestly, I don't know that much about the Nets other than the fact that they're bad. The only reason they're in this post is because I heard them mentioned on ESPN and I like to make lists of five (it's proven to work... have you ever heard of a top four list? That would be stupid). The only major draws I can see with New Jersey are that they're a smaller market than Miami, Chicago or New York, they have lots of money, and Jay-Z is there to pamper Lebron (he loves to ride on the bandwagon of superstars. Watch the Sebastian Telfair documentary if you don't believe me). Basically, New Jersey is like an east coast version of Cleveland with less talent. Who would want that?

After what transpired in this year's playoffs, it would seem foolish to return to Cleveland. Seven years of heartbreak have left the fans puzzled and Lebron frustrated. That, coupled with the lack of help from his supporting cast and the alleged curse on Cleveland Sports would suggest that out is the only way to go. Still, I think that it would behoove the superstar to give it another try. As someone who has accepted the name, "The Chosen One", Lebron has an obligation fulfill his destiny. In terms of sports, Cleveland is a one trick pony. With truly sub-par franchises in football and baseball, Lebron is the only thing in Cleveland worth rooting for. Without him, Ohioans might as well forget about professional sports altogether and stick to cheering for their beloved Buckeys. Lebron switching teams is like Spiderman deciding to leave New York in order to fight crime in Canada or Chuck Norris deciding he wanted to be Walker, Maryland Ranger. If Princess Leia were from Cleveland, she would say, "Help us, Lebron James. You're our only hope". In short, although life may not be the best up on the polluted shores of Lake Erie, the fans there love and need Lebron and it would be a tremendous show of class for him to stay in the
"Armpit of the Midwest" where he belongs. True champions finish what they start.

This is how much the people of Ohio want Lebron to stay:

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