Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Curious

I have a few questions...

Why do most washers load from the top, but most dryers load from the front? They should all load at a 45º angle... that would be cool.

Why do people have toenails? They're only really good for scratching people in the pool (I know it's gross, but it's true. Don't worry... I won't scratch you. I cut my toenails). Also, I saw this guy wearing sandals at the airport and his toenails were yellow and gross. If toenails didn't exist, he could happily wear sandals without making me want to vomit.

Why does Gatorade taste so much better when you're actually tired and in need of electrolytes? Seriously, try it. It's definitely true.

Also, speaking of Gatorade, why can't I sweat Gatorade colors like they do in the commercials? That would make me look so much more intense... it would probably make my shirt sticky though.

What is Boxing Day? It's always on my calender, but I've never been motivated enough to actually look it up.

Why do they give me so much water at restaurants? When I see water in front of me at a restaurant, I drink it. If the waiter keeps refilling my glass every time it gets low, I keep drinking water and then I get cold and I have to go to the bathroom. Although I like the fast service, they definitely go overboard sometimes. Filling my bladder with free water doesn't really impress me and it definitely doesn't add anything to the tip (not giving me water would probably detract from the tip though).

Why do people ask me what my favorite color is? Couldn't they ask me about something that I actually spend time thinking about? Unless I'm a gang member or an interior designer, I don't think my favorite color explains much about me or my personality.

1 comment:

  1. it would be so awesome to sweat gatorade colors!!
    But Daniel, what *is* your favorite color??

    Also, wouldn't it be cool if there was an angle such that you could just slide your clothes out of the dryer into the basket? Or something that would make sure you woudln't drop your clean fresh dried socks on the dirty icky laundry floor?