Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Thoughts

Last night, I dreamed that some show on HBO was moving to A&E and that everyone was mad because that meant that there would no longer be sex scenes. In my dream, this was a really big deal and people were freaking out hard core. I'm glad that my dreams are not generally an accurate reflection of the real world.

What if a hot tub caught on fire? How hot would it be?

I was trying to wash my yellow shirt today so nobody would poke my eyes and pull my hair on Leap Day, but my roommate's clothes are all sitting in the washer, and he's still asleep.

My right foot has this weird pulling sensation under the arch. it feels like one of the tendons or something is shortened, and when I step the wrong way, it stretches it past capacity. I know this is kind of a long shot, but any ideas as to what's going on and how to solve it? So far, my efforts at stretching my feet and lower legs have been futile.

On a related note, due to my strange foot issue (I wouldn't call it an injury because it doesn't cause much pain... it just feels weird and uncomfortable), I haven't been able to run since Saturday. Now, I'm starting to get really hyper and antsy.

Prunes are really good... too good if you catch my drift. I've eaten way more than I should have over the last few days.

Also, I've noticed that, recently, companies have been marketing prunes as "dried plums". C'mon, son! Everybody knows that they're actually prunes.

One last thing... while we're on the topic of prunes, my fingers and toes were looking real pruney in the shower the other day. Just thought you should know.

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